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  • Rt.Rev.Dr Malayil Sabu Koshy Cherian,Bishop of Madhya Kerala Diocese

    Through the process of education we are engaged in the process of  making generation. Education is the sole agent that can promote and propagate the necessary values ,mutuality in every action and the need of social togetherness and collective effort. The schools of our diocese are the pioneer agent of imparting basic education in our state.

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  • Rev. Sumod C Cherian, ,Corporate Manager

    Baker Memorial Girls’Higher secondary school has an important role in the history of  kerala as it strives for the betterment of girls’ education.

  • Rev. Jacob George ,Local Manager

    “Baker Memorial Girls’ H S S is a unique place where the efficient teachers ,learners and loving parents play a major role in cultivating the very essence of education – ‘True Wisdom’ ”

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  • Shibu Thomas, Principal

    The Baker Memorial Girls’ H SS  still stands as an embodiment of the vision of the missionaries who engraved the motto of “Love never faileth” in their lives. Thomas Edison failed approximately 1000 times while he was working on the light  bulb. Make every obstacle an opportunity and learn to become victors and not victims. Fear and laziness short circuit the mind .You need to become a socker of good achievements. Change your focus and look for the future.

  • Binu Varghese,Headmistress

    The Baker Memorial Memorial Girls’ Higher Secondary School has a history which proclaims the right to education and freedom to the girl child laying the foundation for social reformation in Kerala. This pioneering instituition continues to stand as a monument of light instilling confidence, aim and to dispel ignorance from the mind and also help the learners to come out in flying colours. The sacrificial and unselfish dedication shown to us by the Christian missionaries should impart in us perseverance love and dedication to work for the betterment of our nation. All the teachers ,non teaching staff and all well wishers deserve the love and gratitude for making Baker Memorial Girls’ H S S an institution of excellence Best Wishes