Teachers are well qualified and well versed in subject matter. They impart training with the advanced methodologies and techniques. Refresher courses are continuously arranged in the school for quality improvement and faculty empowerment. Many teachers act as resource persons in their subject concerned and some of them offer leadership in inclusive activities in society.

High School Staff

Higher secondary School Staff

Parent Teacher Association

PTA has been instrumental in bringing desirable support schemes to Girls Education. PTA Executive Committee meets once in a month and evaluated the quality and growth of schooling. Certain life related programmes are being entertained by the Association.

‘Mikave – Day of excellence’ is observed as a fragrant tribute to the founding fathers and mothers of the school.

‘Patheyam’ programme is introduced for kindling the serviceability of students. Every Friday, the students bring an additional tiffin for the poor. The PTA Members distributed the tiffin in neighbouring hospitals and other need places.

Creativity Learning has been a prime concern for the school. All the stakeholders are actively participated in the Creative Manuscript Magazine Contest ‘Kaiezhuthu Masika – 2015’. The contest offers enthusiasm and confidence on the part of students. It enables the teachers in evaluating the student’s quality and growth through a creative and constructive projection.