Social Service league

Missionary Box – ‘Thrinayamkudam’

Each class is provided with a ‘kudam’ and on every Friday the class collects a small amount and the collected amount is given for helping the needy. A tithe of it is given for various missionary activities. This is to instill in them the art of giving and bringing in them the concern for the needy.


We are one of the members of Nallapadam implemented by Malayala Manorama

Anna Dhan

It is a programme which provides lunch to cancer patients.Lunch packets are collected from students 3 days in a week.

Founders Day –‘Sale’

We celebrate founders day by conducting ‘Sale’. They bring home made food items (pickle, squash, jam, snacks etc.) and sell them and the income they get from this is used for the betterment of the students and also to help their friends who are in need and also who come from below average families.