As per the Govt. order, Praveshanotsav is celebrated

Fresher’s Day

Seniors welcome their juniors with a cultural fiesta and sweets

Teachers day

On September 5th we celebrate teachers day remembering our former president Dr. S Radha Krishnan and also our former teachers.


The heritage festival ‘Onam’ has been celebrating in a vivid manner.

Cultural Pageant- ‘Bakerotsav’

We usually conduct school youth festival in the month of September.

Christmas Celebration

Christmas is celebrated very enthusiastically


The +1 students give a grand farewell to the 2nd year students and it is very nostalgic.

Baker Day

It is a very important day for the Baker family as it is the grand finale of the activities of the school. It is the time to remember the founders and realize the benefits CMS missionaries given to us.

Annual Day